Turn on the iframes toggle to allow the display of the Threadeo web app in iframes displayed within applications hosted on your authorized domains. If no authorized domains have been specified, this toggle will not be visible.


Works in Chrome and Safari only

Iframes (and generally the full functionality of the Threadeo web app) are supported only in Chrome and Safari on macOS & Windows 10. Please avoid using other browsers & operating systems, as functionality may be limited or unpredictable.


Enable third-party cookies, disable content blockers

Make sure that third-party cookies are enabled in your browser (either Chrome or Safari only). Also ensure that content blockers are disabled. Modern browsers rightfully limit iframe usage due to security considerations, but this results in a loss of iframe-related functionality for Threadeo.


iframes and authorized domains work together

Iframes for the Threadeo web app will be allowable only in the domains specified under the “Authorized Domains” section above.

The attribute “referrerpolicy” must be set to “origin”. See code sample below.

<iframe src="https://app.threadeo.com" width="1200" height="500" referrerpolicy="origin" />